Please pray for preparations for Australian visa application for Joel
and the boys to go well.
This is a year long task that all has to be completed in six weeks
Please continue to pray for financial support.
Once again thanks to the people that have partnered with
Jenny, Joel and the boys to serve God in Niger.


PRAYER REQUEST: January 2016
Please pray for more people to support and partner with Jenny and Joel
Since Jenny left Australia as a single missionary things have changed
dramatically. She now has a husband and two beautiful adopted boys
Their support is only at 40% of what they need to survive, so they are
really struggling financially at the moment.

Thanks so much to the people that have partnered with them or
have given one off donations, bless you all. Every dollar helps.


PRAYER REQUEST: Feb. - March 2015
Please pray for the people of Niger for peace.
Pray for the churches, pastors & christian families that lost their homes
during the riots. Pray for healing of traumatized adults and children.
Pray that the church buildings can be made water proof
before the rainy season hits.



Jenny sent me an up to date list of things that she can't buy in Niger so if any one would like to get together a Care Package for her here is the list she sent. shhhh don't tell her I put this up. :o)
The postal service is not real fantastic to Niger so allow plenty of time if you want to get it there for a special occasions.
The postal address is on the Contact page.



Hi, my name is Jenny Parry. I’m 33 years old, single (oops that's not right things have just changed
see the bottom of this introduction for the huge update in my life), and live in Melbourne Australia.
For many years now I have felt a call from God to minister to unloved children.
For a long time I didn't’t know what form this would take, so I waited patiently
and continued to learn as I waited.

It seems that all this waiting has not been in vain…
God has been molding and shaping me my whole life, for the ministry He has now drawn me to.
But I skip ahead… let me go back a bit.
Ok ... so going back a bit, took me too far, how about I sum up? If you
want to read my story you go to the more about me tab.

Right now I feel called to work in Administrative support and have been working towards this end for almost 3 years.
“Why has it taken you so long?” I hear you say. The answer is very simple,
at the same time very complicated… so I’ll tell you the easy way.

Upon my return home from an 8 month mission in Uganda and Thailand,
I began to look for a mission agency to help me on my way… and I looked,
and I looked, and I was unsuccessful, but undeterred.

I have continue to minister at Suburban church,
and God has continued to prepare me for the mission field.

I also try to spend as much time as I can with my family,
knowing that come 2012, a visit from Aunty will not be so simple.


Above: Jenny's trip to Uganda, East Africa 2009


After many setbacks and prayerfully seeking God's will over the last three years, an opportunity came across my
path to minister at Sahel Academy in a desperately needed administration role,
(Sahel Academy is an International Christian school located in Niamey, Niger Republic, West Africa).
Within five weeks I have been accepted, medically cleared, and appointed to go through SIM Australia (Serving In Mission).
SIM has requested that I arrive in Niamey before the school term starts on the eighth of August 2012,
which leaves only ten weeks to prepare.......eeeeek !!!!!


Above: Sahel Academy

So that's me up to date… if you’re the praying type, please pray that God will provide everything
I need in order to go to Sahel. Pray that God will prepare my heart to minister to this community
and give me wisdom during this (all so brief) preparation stage.
Pray for my family as they come to terms with their Aunty/Sister/Daughter living so far away.
My needs are large and the time is short, so if you are the giving type and you would
like to partner with me as I join Gods work in Niger please go to the Support Tab above.
Head to the Link Tab to explore more about the amazing work God is doing in West Africa through Sahel Academy.

Bless you all, and please drop me a line :-)


Above: In green dress Doreen my sponsor child & her cousins, Uganda, East Africa 2009



One thing I did not expect to find in Niger West Africa was the love of my life

Joël Davies (pronounced Da-Vi- Es just incase you were wondering).

I met Joël at Sahel Academy he is one of the French Teachers, a christian and is a beautiful man.

After many long talks we fell in love and were married July 2014

with our parents & SIM's blessings.

Please pray with us as we are bound to face many challenges.


Introducing Mr and Mrs Joël & Jenny Davies

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